Space Technology Association of Rutgers

Star is the first democratic collegiate space organization. Our primary goal is to make the research, study, and experience of space accessible to students, while upholding these three core tenets:


In our ideal world, the chance to get involved in space would not be restricted to just a lucky handful each year—so at Star, we've taken it upon ourselves to level the playing field. An interdisciplinary organization, we pride ourselves on our openness to ideas from all backgrounds. Both in and out of meetings, every vote is equal, and every voice is given a platform—from the veteran in the room to the excited, savvy newcomer.


For most collegiate organizations, space would be a lofty goal. But Star rises to the challenge, and key to our success has been our relentless scientific passion. Our project teams have launched weather balloons, hosted prestigious guest speakers, conducted construction of research satellites, and much more. A complete record of innovation by our past and present project teams is chronicled on our site's Projects page.


In everything we do, we never forget that Star exists, first and foremost, to serve its members. Our dedication to democracy means that it's up to everyone to decide how to set our agenda, choose our leaders, and spend our budget. Projects, positions, and reforms can be suggested and voted-on by anyone, at any general meeting. At every step, Star is quite literally what our members decide to make it.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Star. Attend our keynote speaker events as an interested student. Invite us to host an educational program at your school or organization. Join us for industry and alumni networking sessions, and much more. Just choose the option below that's right for you, depending on whether you're a...

And no matter who you are, you can click below if you'd like to sign up for our official mailing list.


Star meetings take two forms: general and project team. Prospective members and interested parties are encouraged to drop in to either type. See the map below or click here for directions to Serc, our meeting HQ. Note that parking on Busch is only allowed by way of a registered university permit or prior arrangement.


General Meetings

General meetings are for all members, as well as unaffiliated students interested in Star, and are held according to schedule in the Science and Engineering Resource Center (Serc) on Rutgers University's Busch Campus. They usually feature skill- and résumé-building workshops, as well as important club updates.

Project Team

Project Team Meetings

Project team meetings are for the members of a given project team. They take place at designated locations around the schedules of their members. These meetings are held to conduct project work, distribute tasks, and collect updates regarding the project at hand.