Our Partners


Being a Star partner can mean several different things. We have partnered with local schools to spread educational programs to elementary students. We have teamed up with various restaurants for to conduct fundraising programs. We have joined forces with several businesses to share knowledge and resources. And we have collaborated with other student organizations—at Rutgers and beyond—to share our love of space.

AGI, creator of STK


Our partnerships are essential to our organization's growth and success. Often times, these relationships serve a monetary purpose. If you believe in Star's mission and would like to contribute to its success, consider making a 501c3 tax-deductible donation. You can submit your donation via the Rutgers University Foundation's secure donation portal, by clicking the button on this page.

Join our Network

Not only are our partners proud to work with us—we are proud to represent them. We only partner with organizations we truly believe in, and we think they really believe in us as well. If you represent an organization that wants to partner with Star in some capacity, or simply wish to learn more about partnerships and donations, please do not hesitate to email us directly at ruspacetech@gmail.com.

Our designated representative stands alongside two of our EGC awards