Project Teams

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The project team is the fundamental unit of Star membership. Project teams are conceived by and consist of dedicated Star members interested in a single topic. Many have faculty mentors or corporate sponsors to assist them, but this is by no means a requirement. Project teams must be open to all members and are subject to a renewal vote at the beginning of each year.

Any member of Star can start a new project team. To do so, one must submit a formatted proposal to the president or vice president. This officer will review the proposal—without making any judgments—to ensure it adheres to Star's constitution. Once the proposal is approved, the member proposing the project will present their ideas at the next possible general meeting. After the proposal presentation, and a quick question/answer period, Star members present at that meeting will vote on the project. If approved, the project team will immediately be created, the proposing member will be installed as team lead, and requested money/resources will be allocated for the team. Members will then have the opportunity to formally join.

Interested in sharing your favorite team on social media, or showing your contributions to an employer? As with our Star Spotlight articles, simply copy the page's full URL (e.g. Anyone who uses that link will be brought to this page, where the appropriate team's section will automatically be opened.